My name is Kreszenz Lyle, I attend Waggener High School, and my birthday is November 24th, 2003. I have lived in a total of 3 states throughout my life, and I am a proud bisexual woman.

In my freshman year, I was apart of the FFA. I have also been participating in debate since my sophmore year. I joined the Future Ancestors my junior year as the Head of the Documentary, because throughout quarantine, I have become more aware of the events that occur in our society. Witnessing some historical affairs, I have realized that I want to make a difference, and help change today to make a better tomorrow.

I am interested in becoming a psychologist in the future, and and have always loved how complex the mind is and how it works. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to play my ukulele and sing covers and my favorite songs. I am also very passionate about certain topics that are being discussed in the world today. I fight for LGBTQIA+ rights, I am supporter of BLM, I am a huge believer in Women’s Rights, and I am strongly against ignorance.

Kreszenz Lyle

My name is Nubia Ali. I go to Waggener High School, my birthday is July 24th, and my favorite colors are red and pink. My favorite foods include anything chocolate and buffalo wings. I enjoy shopping and spending time with my friends.

In school, I played volleyball my sophomore year. My junior year, I had a leadership position in HOSA, as well as being elected Executive Director of the Future Ancestors. At this time, being in the middle of a pandemic along with the movement surrounding Breonna Taylor’s death, I felt called to make a change. I knew that I could work with some of my peers to create and bring more awareness to injustices inherent in our community.

I am interested in the world of healthcare, and the concept of holistic care. I am passionate about discrimination against black people, specifically women in medical settings. In society, I also aim to be an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, and I do this by respecting others pronouns, and using mine when meeting new people.

Nubia Ali

My name is Aalayla Malone, I’m a New Years baby born on January 1st, 2005, and I attend Waggener High School. I started my Loc Journey November 30th, 2020. I am a lesbian and strive everyday to be my best.

I love to learn about World/Ancient History especially Black History. I joined Justice Now because I love to talk about racial issues that don’t get discussed during school time when it definitely should. Talking about racial issues can improve us humans to be better, and learn more about each other.

I love to dance and listen to all kinds of music. It doesn’t matter what it is, I love to bop! I like to play basketball, but choose to not join a team yet, due to my anxiety. However, I’m hoping to join one in the future. I love being around people daily; I love that they keep a smile on my face, especially on a bad day.

Aalayla Malone

Jamia Fletcher



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