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Future Ancestors' Mission

A student-led MOVEment to become better ancestors. Marching, running, walking, dancing together for freedom and justice for all… One step at a time. Meet us at the intersection of justice, love and compassion to build a stronger community. 

Forward. Together. For Justice.

About The Race

We are excited to announce the THRID annual Race4Justice – Saturday June 15th!! This event was designed by a women-led student group. Inspired by Breonna Taylor, the movement that followed her tragic loss, and the many other injustices we’ve seen and experienced, this race is about uniting our city to move forward. Each year teams complete 26 laps to honor the life of Breonna Taylor — one lap for each year of her life. Proceeds from the event will be donated to local nonprofits doing justice work in the

There are multiple and accessible ways that anyone can participate. Visit our registration page to sign up. 

The day will also include a justice celebration with music, speakers, art, entertainment, and booths from justice organizations. 

Who are you running for? What are you running for?

Who are you running for?

What are you running for?

Historical Sites

The first ever Race for Justice will take place that the beautiful Norton Sports and Learning Complex. Our distances are intended to honor Breonna Taylor and continue to call for justice for her. We are asking participants to run/walk 26 lap – one lap for each year of Breonna’s life – or, to run/walk 1.3 miles to remember that she was killed on March 13th and has yet to see justice. Participants will also see justice booths and speakers as well as multiple artistic tributes to Breonna Taylor created by local students and other artists.  And of course, participants will get to enjoy the fun spaces at the SLC like rock climbing and bowling.

Our original vision however was a full 26.2 mile marathon that toured multiple historic sites of justice in our city. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain permitting for this route this year. But, the Race for Justice is also a metaphorical marathon. This year is our first step. We hope the Race for Justice continues to build success so that in years to come we are able to offer a course that realizes our vision and inspires runner with the history of our city. 

Meet Us At the Intersection of Justice, Love & Compassion.


There have been a few students working on a documentary to show who we are, and our process of creating this race. We have been working with people such as local documentary filmmaker, Remington Smith and the owner of Best Dad Media, Kyle Gordon. They both have past experience in film work, which will help with the construction of the documentary. With this race, we are also bringing light to lots of matters in the world today, and some people have stories tying into these issues. We want the documentary to capture some of these stories to show how much of an impact these can have to different people. By conveying these issues, we can make a difference in our society, and progress forward, rather than back.

Forward. Together. For Justice.

Justice is what Love Looks Like in Public

- Cornel West

Proceeds from the Race4Justice
Support Local Non-Profits that Fight for Justice

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